Progress is being made on the "Weddeler Schleife"!

Construction work on the double-track expansion of the Weddeler Schleife, an approximately 22-kilometre-long railway line between Braunschweig and Wolfsburg, has been underway since September 2021. The double-track expansion will make an important contribution to increasing the frequency of local trains on the line, which is also used by goods trains. Mull und Partner Ingenieurgesellschaft is the waste management contractor for the ground work on the northern section of the railway line and is carrying out evidence preservation on the construction site areas as well as in-situ sampling.

After several planned closures, the route is currently open to traffic again - but only until 10 December. This will be followed by a further three-and-a-half-month closure for work on bridges and culverts. However, as the ground work has already been completed, the so-called BE areas can now be gradually handed back to their owners.

In the run-up to the construction work, they were secured by means of excavator trenching; this procedure will be repeated after the end of use. The soil samples taken are analysed for pollutants in a laboratory and the before and after condition is compared to check whether the condition of the soil has changed. This ensures that the owners get their land back in as good a condition as before the construction work.

In June, rail travellers were once again able to enjoy the flowering embankments. By now it should look a little more autumnal, but hopefully next year the flowers will be just as magnificent again.

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