Company outing 2023 Federal Horticultural Show Mannheim

This year's company outing at MuP Umwelttechnik GmbH took employees to the 2023 Federal Garden Show in Mannheim.

We started in the Luisenpark. Here we passed funny alpacas, cute penguins and many other animals to marvel at. The walk through the reptile and butterfly house showed an impressive exotic variety of different animals. Throughout the tour of the Luisenpark, we looked at differently laid out and designed gardens everywhere. Before taking the cable car across the Neckar to the Spinelli Barracks, we relaxed in the teahouse and felt like we had been transported to a Chinese garden in the atmospheric surroundings.

The view from the cable car during the crossing was also worth seeing. Once we arrived at the Spinelli Barracks site, we were greeted by the vastness and the open view. After a delicious snack in the restaurant, the last part of the joint excursion began. A guided tour of the Spinelli Barracks in the afternoon with an original Mannheimer, who presented the tour in a lively and interesting way with his typical Mannheim humour and dialect. Many future-orientated projects and designs can be found on the large Spinelli Barracks site, of which the tour guide presented us with a small selection, as there are too many for one afternoon. These included the vertical gardens and innovative green roofs, which the employees added to their mental repertoire. Some inspiring ideas were collected on this full and informative day. Future issues can thus be linked and solved with the newly collected ideas.

Since the site was remodelled, the Spinelli Barracks have provided space for biodiversity, creativity and art. A large fallow area now provides habitats for hares, lizards and bats.

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