Working as a Hiwi at M&P

Almost all of us are studying geosciences in the Master's programme at Leibniz Universität Hannover, but you are also welcome as a student assistant in civil and environmental engineering. 

What are your main tasks and which do you find the most exciting?
Our main tasks are very varied and cover the entire spectrum of geosciences. The preparation and follow-up of field work plays a large and important role. This includes the creation of site plans, stratigraphic logs and drilling profiles, whereby we work intensively with QGIS and GeODin. Through these activities, we support our colleagues in the processing of projects and facilities.

We find the opportunity to take part in field operations and accompany sampling particularly exciting.

Which skills from your studies help you at work and what about the other way round?
Knowledge acquired at university, e.g. about soil types/types, helps to make soil analyses and to understand them when creating layer directories. Initial QGIS courses at university also provide a good foundation for working in the office, whereby the skills and abilities with the programme are significantly improved by the work and tasks in the office. In addition, the practical experience is a great benefit and at the same time promotes a better understanding of the theoretical aspects of the programme at university.

What makes M&P special?
We all agree on this and can say: the working atmosphere. There's always a good, relaxed atmosphere in the office and we enjoy laughing as well as working. In addition to the good working atmosphere, the varied and exciting projects are a great enrichment. This is not least due to the fact that we are not just given tasks from one specialist group, but are deployed in a variety of ways.

What do you take away from your work at M&P for later?
The experience gained from working at M&P provides valuable insights into everyday office processes and operational project workflows. One of the key lessons we have learned is that organisation and communication are essential for successful project completion.

Practical experience, including in the use of technical software programmes, which is acquired during the programme, forms a solid foundation for future professional life. It can be said that not only technical skills are acquired and developed, but also knowledge relating to interpersonal relationships and proper communication.

How did you get your Hiwi job?
Many of us completed the compulsory internship at M&P during the course of our studies and were subsequently hired as research assistants. However, it is also possible to join us directly as a research assistant, e.g. via notices on the digital notice board at the university.

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