Feasibility study for a new industrial estate in Lübeck


WHAT-WE-DO: In addition to a variety of other tasks, KWL GmbH is primarily responsible, together with the Economic Development Department in the Hanseatic City of Lübeck, for the settlement and relocation of commercial and industrial enterprises and the associated economic development of the city. In this function, KWL is entrusted with the marketing of existing and the development of new commercial and industrial sites in Lübeck.

As part of the development project "Gewerbeflächen Lübeck 2030" (Lübeck Commercial Areas 2030), various potential commercial area locations were investigated. The site to be worked on here, which was previously used by an allotment garden association, was considered to be highly favourable in terms of location and to contribute to internal development.

The feasibility study was to provide essential information on the feasibility, duration of the necessary procedural steps and the expected costs for a secure development of the settlement area. The key points of the study were:

  • Land availability/ land size: analysis of necessary land sizes, checking and compiling land availability and tenure status
  • Road access situation: site inspection/examination of existing situation, definition of access requirements, development of a connection concept with planning representation (sketchy)
  • Development situation supply and disposal: Examination of media availability and capacities, identification of alternative energy supply facilities, sketchy representation of the connection points and necessary connecting lines, initial coordination with the municipal waste disposal companies.
  • Emissions/immissions: Review of the emission and immission situation, identification of the costs for further investigations within the framework of a subsequent B-Plan procedure, identification of possible costs for immission reduction through measures such as noise protection walls.
  • Nature conservation and landscape: Initial definition of project impacts and study area, assessment of the nature conservation situation in the study area, assessment of impacts on the landscape, definition of necessary time-critical mapping and cost and time estimates, including initial coordination with the competent authorities.
  • Development of a time-measure plan
  • Development of a land sale price (unit price per m²) based on the cost estimates determined in the feasibility study.

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