New marine protected area in the North-East Atlantic

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In October 2021, 15 ministers of the OSPAR Commission met in Portugal. One objective was the designation of another High Seas Marine Protected Area for seabirds in the Northeast Atlantic. With about 60,000 km², the area covers the High Seas North Atlantic Current and the Evlanov Sea Basin. The area was selected as a marine protected area based on tracking data, as it is considered an important feeding area for both seabirds breeding on the northeast Atlantic coasts and migratory birds on their migrations to nesting sites in other parts of the world. The conference also established an OSPAR Environmental Strategy 2030 for the North-East Atlantic. The objectives of the strategy are to counteract the effects of climate change through ocean acidification and the loss of biodiversity, including through the protection of kelp forests. A further goal is to counter environmental pollution, including that caused by plastic waste. To this end, marine litter is to be reduced by 50 % by 2025 and 75 % by 2030. By 2030, the area of OSPAR marine areas to be designated as marine protected areas is to be increased from the current 10 % to 30 %. 

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