M&P Hannover team event - Christmas team cooking

Every year in autumn, a date request is sent out for the Friday evenings during the Advent season. That's when we cook together in Hanover, as everyone has realised by now. Those who can organise it sign up and then discuss the dishes to be cooked. Everyone is always catered for, with lots of vegan options. Small groups are formed from the participants, who are each given a dish to cook.

On a dark winter evening, many faces come together with bags full of ingredients. These ingredients are then prepared into approx. 10-15 dishes from various cuisines to the accompaniment of music. One team is also allowed to provide all participants with drinks of all kinds. A highlight of the last event was definitely the non-alcoholic peach and cranberry cocktail.

Vietnamese summer rolls were served alongside Georgian badridshani (fried aubergines), porcini mushroom tagliatelle from Gordon Ramsey next to North African pumpkin stew. The focus is not only on the dishes, but also on the conversations that can arise between different employees.

Then comes the best part, when everyone sits together at a long table and can enjoy a cosy meal in a large group. This is where cooking experiences are shared and unexpected cooking talents are uncovered.

In the late evening, everyone goes home well-fed and satisfied and is already looking forward to the next team event within the M&P Hannover workforce.

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