Water town Aden in Bergkamen

The work on soil management and soil remediation is nearing completion

The city of Bergkamen intends to utilise the site of the former Haus Aden 1/2 mine for a subsequent use known as "Wasserstadt Aden". The approx. 54-hectare site is to be used in future as a commercial, service and residential location and will be connected to the Datteln-Hamm Canal via a water area (Adensee). The project area extends in an east-west direction over a length of approx. 1.9 km with an average width of 0.3 km. The redevelopment plan also included a basic processing concept for the development of the Aden water town. In the course of preparing the site for construction, the subsoil in the area of future construction sites (residential buildings, commercial buildings, water areas, traffic areas) was improved with the help of suitable compaction measures. In addition to compaction using a polygonal drum roller, so-called drop plate compaction was carried out for this purpose. A cable excavator lifts a drop weight (in this case 17 tonnes) by approx. 20 m and drops the "drop plate" unchecked onto the subsoil to be compacted. After working through a defined grid with multiple transitions, an extensive depth compaction is achieved. In addition, a minimum 1 m thick, sufficiently load-bearing and chemically uncontaminated soil package (cushion layer) was built up under the load-bearing areas of future structures.

A total of more than 1.2 million cubic metres of soil was installed during construction. Approximately one third of the volume was excavated from the previously remediated excavation areas. The remaining soil was delivered to the project site externally by lorry.

For more than 7 years, TABERG Ingenieure GmbH has been providing intensive support for the large-scale project to build the "Aden Water City", both in terms of planning and technical expertise. All services relating to soil management, geotechnical implementation support, realisation of the remediation plan and construction supervision / site management have been provided in full by TABERG Ingenieure GmbH to this day.

The completion of the work on soil management and soil remediation is planned for the coming weeks. The first works to complete the Adensee and the connected canal are currently starting at the same time; the "lake construction" works are scheduled to be completed in two years.

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